A restaurant in Trinity, FL is more than just food. Sure that’s the primary reason people go out to eat, but you’re paying for more than just what is on your plate. The atmosphere of a restaurant plays a huge role in whether or not people enjoy themselves when dining out. The best restaurants, like Fiddlers Green, go out of their way to provide not only amazing food at competitive prices, but also an inviting ambiance. One of the ways that Fiddlers Green provides a great experience for their guests is by hosting special events throughout the week. Thank You!


June 2 Stormbringer
June 3 Jaded
June 9 Soulshine
June 10 Soul Circus Cowboys
June 16 TBD
June 17 Retribution
June 23 The Homies
June 30 Skylar Clark


July 1st - Crazy Swayzees
July 7th - Stormbringer
July 8th - Soulshine
July 14th - R-Crew
July 15th - Homies
July 21st - Skyler Clark Band
July 22nd - Black Honkeys
(4 year Aniversary Party)
July 27th - The Bawdy Boys (Thursday)
July 28th - Jeriko Turnpike
July 29th - Rory Ellis Band


Aug 4th - Stormbringer
Aug 5th - The Law
Aug 11th - Skyler Clark Band
Aug 12th - Shadofax
Aug 18th - Sundogs
Aug 19th - Doodads
Aug 24th - The Bawdy Boys (Thursday)
Aug 25th - R-Crew
Aug 26th - Crazy Swayzees


Sept 1st - Bearded Brothers
Sept 2nd - The Bawdy Boys
Sept 8th - The Law
Sept 9th - Homies
Sept 15th - Embry Brothers
Sept 16th - Black Honkeys
(Half way to St Paddy's Party)
Sept 22nd - Bus Stop Band
Sept 23rd - R-Crew
Sept 28th - Bawdy Boys (Thursday)
Sept 29th - TBD
Sept 30th - Jaded


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